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 Posted: Sat Jan 24th, 2009 12:20 pm
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I need some quick feedback on this problem, (hopefully before Monday morning when I have to do my parts order).

Kenmore Oasis, (with wash plate - NO agitator).
Mod# 110.27092602
Ser# CT4570020

This is the first of these Oasis/Cabrio machines I've worked on.

Problem complaint: Keeps coming up with F1 error code and have to push stop, (to clear error), multiple times before it will finally finish filling and complete cycle.

F1 = Pressure signal Out-of-Range - stores error code F68
+Check pressure hose connection from tub to machine/motor control.  Is hose pinched or kinked?
+If F then 1 repeats numerous times after POWER is pressed and the pressure hose connection is not pinched or kinked, replace machine/motor control.

Problem repeated itself for me.  Machine starts filling for about 1-2 seconds, stops, lid locks, machine resumes filling and immediately F1 code comes up.  After pushing STOP to clear error and START again it resumed ok for me.

I removed and reseated all control board connections and checked pressure hose and tested, all worked ok for a few times then started the F1 error again so went thru the diagnostics further and completed TEST#6 "Water Level and Pressure Transducer Calibration".

First time after this recalibration F1 came up one more time, then I test 4 or 5 more times in NORMAL and RINSE/SPIN cycles and F1 never showed up again.

The last 5 error codes stored in memory were F68, the code stored for an F1 error.

I was out on this on the 20th and received a call yesterday, (the 23rd), the lady said this was the first day she tried to use it after I was there and it did the F1 code on her numerous times.  A couple times she had to push the STOP and START 3 or 4 times to finally get it to finish the cycle.

This only happens right at the beginning, once it starts filling and has went 10 to 15 seconds it seems you can leave it and it will be ok.

The orginal machine/motor control in this machine is part# W10112112 which has changed and subed 2-4 times to the current part# W10189966 and the place I'm ordering from has 20+ at almost all of there locations, and Marcone has 100+ at one location and 97 at another.   From this it appears maybe they have a lot of problems with these control boards.

Anyone have any advice for me, besides, just replace the board as I have already told the customer would probably be needed if the error kept coming up.

Thanks guys!!!!

William Burk (Willie)
Willie's Budget Appliance Repair
Eureka, CA 95501