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 Posted: Mon Jan 19th, 2009 02:47 pm
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Good morning, SAG! (Samurai Applicance Guru, but you knew that!)

After examining the manual (don't I owe you for that? I wuz gonna git one when I ordered whatever parts I will ultimately need), it appears that:

(from the service manual)

There are two routes for the water to enter the wash tub.

Most of the water flows through the dispenser assembly. A small portion of the water flow around the dispensers and is used to wash the door window.

1. Main Inlet Tube (Fig. 3-5, A)

2. Window Washer Inlet Tube (Fig. 3-5, B)

Now, I may be overthinking this, but when the water is introduced during the last of the spin cycle, it enters through the Window Washer Inlet Tube only. None SEEMS to be coming in via the Main Inlet Tube.

Could this be a Dispenser/Dispenser Motor issue or...?

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