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 Posted: Mon Jan 19th, 2009 01:52 am
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Ok, here's the deal... Running the Drain/Spin cycle again and observing the discharge hose flow, the cycle starts at 12 minutes, the tub starts to spin, the pump motor comes on and the water in the tub is discharged out the drain hose in a strong stream/high volume/pressure equal to the inside diameter of the discharge hose. Water volume/pressure drops off at the discharge hose as the standing water has been eliminated. The pump motor is still running and the discharge hose shows water being pumped out, albeit at a slower pace (most of the water in the tub is gone but for moisture in the wet laundry, which is being wrung out). The tub is spinning counter-clockwise at high speed, all is well down to 3, then 2 minutes left in the cycle. But, at around 1 minute, fresh water is let into the tub, in error, I think. While the pump does seem to be up to the task, at this point, the circuit has 1 minute or less to run and has not allocated, if you will, any more time to the cycle to spin and run the pump. It thinks it's finished and thinks there is no water remaining except for the damp clothes. I still think the problem is the introduction of additional water in the last minute of the Drain/Spin cycle when none should be allowed in.

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