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 Posted: Fri Dec 26th, 2008 06:35 pm
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on my asko 12505 front load  washer the machine would do all but agitate or spin. the motor was getting power so I checked the brushes. they are easy to remove after pulling the motor which only requires 2 bolts be loosened and the wire harness pulled off. be SURE to look at BOTH brushes and how they are seated against the spinning motor , because one of them has a very small spring loaded piston (in addition to the brushes themselves being spring loaded). anyways one of mine had the little piston poppped out keeping the end of the brush from good contact. to be sure this was the problem I pulled the little piston the rest of the way completely out and screwed the brushes back in and the machine ran normal again. If this fixes the problem then you cetainly need just a set of 2 brushes (1 for each side) you may be able to do a couple loads while waiting for the new brushes but I would not put extra wear on brushes that are essentially gone for fear of overheating and burning the motor.