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 Posted: Thu Dec 25th, 2008 06:54 pm
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Hi again,

I received the message that my attached photo exceeded the size limit.
I've cropped it and now I'm good.

Here it is.  I'm hoping my original message went thru (even without the photo), so you have the message to refer to.  I SEE THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE DID NOT GO THRU!

More explanation:
I don't see the drive tabs that was referred to for spinning the inner tub.  I used a mirror to get more detail in the photo.  Is my unit similar to those you all are accustom to?  I'm trying NOT to tell myself that I have s different model Whirlpool and that part of the information is different.

Again, I'm confused about the tabs and slots in the drive unit that is talked about.

What am I missing? 

All cries for help are still applicable..............!

Hez trying to get it right on Christmas day.....!

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