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 Posted: Thu Dec 25th, 2008 04:50 pm
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Hi Willie,

Thanks for the reply over the holidays.  And, you are very correct in that I mistakenly stated my machine was a front-loader.  I must have had a brain fart because I'm in and around the machine a lot now.  The dryer is a front loader and that is a very poor excuse!!!

I've ventured further into the bowels of the machine more since I posted my urgent plea for help.  This was based on my reading of other postings related to spin cycle problems for a Whirlpool "top loader".  I've only disassembled as far as the agitator on the inside of the machine.  I'll remove the spanner nut and go deeper.  Underneath, I've removed the water pump and electric motor only.  I haven't tampered with the gearcase assembly.  However, I rubbed my finger around the clutch/gearcase area and got some residue (little grease and fine-powdery mix of metal shavings).  It kind of reminded me of a glittery make-up foundation or base ladies us for eye-shadow (I'm no expert in that area).

Is it likely that the problem is in this assembly area?  All the "spin cycle" problems I've read seem to be "similar" to my problem, but not the SAME problem.

Thanks again...............Hez