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 Posted: Thu Dec 25th, 2008 03:30 am
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Whirlpool Clothes Washer        Model#LSR9549PW6     Ser# CT1921665  Type: 111

on spin cycle, clattering (or clumping) noise starts when driving force for spinning tub is removed or cuts-out & tub is still spinning;

at rest, I can spin tub by hand and get noise like tub dropping off small high-spot (clump or thump); get about 3 "drop sounds" in 1-1/4 turns of tub;

noise just started out of the blue yesterday; was running fine till then AND all else in washing process seems fine now.

Washer & dryer installed new July 06; I did minor repair with your help in October 08 (changed 3 teflon rub/wear pads; still not sure that was the full problem).

all else ok

Please help because wife is getting frantic!

Thanks in advance.........Hez