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 Posted: Fri Dec 19th, 2008 08:55 pm
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Look at my pics, specifically the one that shows the condenser. Notice the wires running down through the center. That's a heater kit. This is available from SZ. There were problems with the drain tube freezing up and this was the fix/retrofit. Check to see if you have one of these. If not, add it and your trouble will go away!

Other than that, and this is now conjecture. If you don't have a constant run cabinet fan the lower levels will be colder than the top since the air is not constantly mixing. I really feel that this heater kit was a requirement after SZ did a design change on the fan electrics to make it only come on when the compressor was running. Lower shelf is colder most of the time, making things freeze up on the drain tube and trough.

On the older 550's SZ switched the design in later models from a constant run cabinet fan to circuitry that had the fan only switch on when the compressor was running.

I am thinking if you simply rewire to a constant run fan, you won't need that heater kit.

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