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 Posted: Tue Dec 16th, 2008 03:18 am
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suzuki got a bum rap on that, the real problem was the samurai was the first inexpensive 4x4 on the market so  anyone could go out and buy a 4x4, even the clueless ppl that had no idea how to drive one, its not a sports car, doesn't handle like one, and ppl that tried to drive them like one were the ones that tipped their trucks

its kinds like consumer reports saying the kenmore range is better than the frigidaire, its the same damn range, it just depends who uses it and who you ask

mines been 6 inches taller than stock for over 8 years and i've never had it off all 4's

well except on the trails where loss of stability is to be expected on 45+ degree inclines  :yikes:, but even then i still have yet to roll it


The only stupid question is the one not asked
hope i've been helpfull, if you wish to buy Brnt beer kick here

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