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 Posted: Mon Apr 18th, 2005 04:28 am
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appliance1owner0 wrote:

After self cleaning F1 fault code appeared.

I checked the resistence and its 2748 ohms at room temp.

Another instance that the "oven temperature sensor" is damaged by "self clean" cycle.:(

Note my previous post on {dual wall mount oven with f2 code} date: Thu Mar 31st, 2005 00:20

"It appears that some ovens with ERC (electronic range control) will most likely to have some problems after self-clean cycle. These ovens use mainly oven temperature sensors.

Some of the following information from some web-sites could give us some insight "why":

(1) The temperature of the oven is very high (about 850 deg F (450 deg C)) during the self-clean cycle.

(2) The operating temperature range for NTC thermistors is from -100°C to + 300°C.

(3) Metal RTD's (Resistance Thermometer Device) offer a wide temperature range from -260°C to +850°C. But Metal RTD's are more fragile than NTC thermistors.

My comments:

If they use NTC thermistors as oven temperature sensors, the high temperture during self-clean cycle will easily damage the thermistor-type sensors.

If they use Metal RTD's (as most are), they could stand the high temperture. However, Metal RTD's are very fragile because they are constructed with fine wire to obtain about 1000 ohm at 70 deg F. The expansion and contraction due to large temperature change (from 70 to 850 deg F) could break (or short-circuit) the fine wire.

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