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 Posted: Fri Dec 5th, 2008 10:51 am
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Thanks guys, I had a feeling after reading several posts it may be something  other than the control board.

I looked over the to threads posted and then tried the spin in diagnostic, unplug and try to open the door.  The door opened without a hitch.  I thought great this is the problem.  Until I read the tech sheet.  It says quite plainly, "SAFETY WARNING:  If power is removed during this test the door can be opened."

So that seems to preclude this test as the determinant for the door switch assembly.  I checked for a wax motor on this model and was unable to find one so I assume it's integral to the whole assembly for $53.

So I assume the next step is to replace the switch, reinstall the old board and check operation?  If so is the switch replacement a more involved fix than replacing the control board.  I'm pretty handy when I have 2 hands, but with only the one fully operable at this time it's a bit more difficult.

In other words is this something I might be able to walk my wife through?