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 Posted: Fri Dec 5th, 2008 02:04 am
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Frigidaire FL washer FTFB4000FS1 clothes came out sopping wet.  UH OH!!!  I read the forums on what to do and found the cool booklet underneath and ran the diagnostics.

All ran perfect on the machine.

I check the error code...E43 "Control Board Problem---Replace control board"  Seems pretty straight forward.

Order from this excellent parts store associated with this forum also got replacement front cover as mine was very cracked.  Came very speedy.  I mark wires and old board connections, take pics to make sure, replace old with new, double check all connections are the same.  Dang it one connection with a magnet on the end isn't present.  I check the repairclinic site and it mentions this is not needed.  Right on easy fix so far.  I'm feeling really great about myself and this was pretty easy.  Thanks ApplianceGuru, your wisdom has guided me down the path of enlightenment.  Did I mention I was able to do this with one arm in a shoulder immobilizer from a less than 2 week old surgery?  

I reattach the panel and fire up the drain/spin cycle.  UH OH!! it drains great, makes a noise like it wants to spin, then the drum rotates 5 turns or so one direction, rotates back, repeats, and does one more and signals it's done. 

 I check for an error code.  E43 "Control Board Problem---Replace control board"

What the hey!!!

 I go pop an ice cold cereal malt adult beverage from Boston and settle down for some electronic research but alas can find no help for this model that addresses this problem. 

What now?  Ideas, suggestions and direction are all welcome.  Thanks for the assist.