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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2008 04:47 pm
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**NOTE: The free repair is for units PURCHASED/INSTALLED within the last 36 months. They do not ask for proof of purchase or installation date ;)

Here's my experience:

Called customer relations 800-386-1215. The number from a previous post in this topic is a fax number.

DO NOT press 9. Wait for announcement. Press 2. Wait for announcement. Press 5. Wait for announcement. Enter Zip. Wait for representative.

Rep will ask you for your information. Name, address, contact number, model number, install date. They will ask if fridge is cooling. If not, they will try to schedule same or next day.

Mine got scheduled next day. I had gone through some steps from other posts and got it to start cooling (ie save the beer at all costs).

I showed up at same time as repair guy. He went in, wrote down the numbers and went out the truck. He came back in, pressed the water dispenser (of course compressor kicked off :shock:). I guess that's the "diagnostics" part. He went back out the truck and came back with the saviour of all beer-kind.. the new board!!!

He replaced it, tested a few things, and left. Kind of anti-climatic I know, but hey, I was excited.

Now it works fine.

PS I kept the old board. I have some pictures of the damage. Repair guy pointed out two "trouble spots" that he sees affected majority of the time..