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 Posted: Sun Nov 2nd, 2008 10:31 pm
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I have clicks, clops, flashes, and whirrs.

It all started one day when I was out of beer. I always wondered what water tastes like, so I gave the dispenser in the fridge it's chance. Nothing.

The rest of the family had used it all the time, but they were saying it was making a funny noise and the ice didn't work. Like any man would do, I ignored them.

The wife and kids got all dry looking and started slurring their speech. I figured it was time to fix the water problem.

I replaced the filter. The dispenser did not work. I noticed now that it was making a relay kicking noise like the compressor was constantly trying to start. The light in the fridge dims on and off. The little door between the two sides constantly cycles. If I press the light button on the dispenser, the noise stops. BUT, the fridge stops cooling.

I took off the back. I see nothing obvious. The compressor is VERY hot. The fridge still cools and freezes.


PS, I made a video of it... with sound.