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 Posted: Sat Nov 1st, 2008 12:02 pm
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Okay, I emptied out the freezer and pulled the rear panel.

The tips of the tinsel-like coil things were covered with an even, light, sheen of frost, top to bottom.  No chill-clogging nasty frost buildup.  I pulled the panel behind the icemaker and the duct to the fridge has not a speck of frost on it, so that isn't it.

The coil underneath is fairly clean, so that isn't it either.

The evap fan works.

This is a no-muthaboard GE fridge, so no go there.

Could it be the tstat?  If so, do I just pull the access panel, remove the connections and do a continuity check? (closed = chill, open = not-so-chill)  The parts diagram shows it connected to a male and female "capilliary locator."  I have no idea what those parts do, they are throwing doubt on my idea of just a simple continuity check to verify the tstat.

I humbly beg the masters of appliancetology for advice.


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