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 Posted: Sat Nov 1st, 2008 08:50 am
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The beer compartment is getting too warm.  I like to keep mine at the hairy edge of freezing (helps the less important non-beer items last longer.)  After noticing that my milk isn't keeping as long as I am used to I moved the thermometer in there and discovered it was a shocking 37-38 degrees.

While the back of the freezer looks okay for now, I was planning on pulling the rear panels today anyway to see if I have a bad defroster.  (My last GE fridge needed three defroster repairs inside of two years and that was the only thing that ever went wrong with it.)

I figured a tech sheet might help with the electrical bits of the defroster if it does turn out I have frost buildup.

I hate the durn thing: the defroster has always melted the ice just enough that it fuses together in the rear of the dispenser every couple of weeks, the dispenser flap doesn't seal great, the produce drawers suck, etc... but I hate spending $900+ for a new one even more.