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 Posted: Thu Oct 23rd, 2008 12:28 pm
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Thanks for the reply! I didn't see that part at the repair clinic site, but I think that's the one. I imagine that the drum could be damaged, based on the wear to the bulkhead.

I think I am looking at replacement, if for no other reason than I have an almost new Maytag Performa set sitting in the garage from a friend's estate sale. The only issue is that the dryer is gas and my old one is electric, so I need to get the plumbing done. It doesn't seem to make any sense to spend much money or time on my old Maytag when those resources could be used to get the new machine up and running.

One more question related to that - we have propane. I will need  a conversion kit to go from natural gas to propane, won't I?

Any opinions on the Performa series? I've been so pleased with my old Maytag - going on 20 years service now with half of that time doing laundry for a family of 6. I don't expect the Performas will give me that kind of service, but they came cheap and should run for awhile.

Is there any reason I should switch out the Performa washer for my old Maytag? Less water use or anything like that?

Thanks again!