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 Posted: Sun Jul 17th, 2005 07:23 pm
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Disobediant wife shrinks clothes. This is good when it is her clothes, but not good when it is my clothes. On threat of violence, wife now cleans lint filter regularly. Clothes still get small. Not good.

Six months go by. Wife goes on vacation and I must wash my own clothes. Now I decide to fix dryer!

I am not a samurai, but I am an engineer. I design airplanes: I should not fear a dryer!

I check duct. It is short and has only one bend. No lint in duct. I take apart dryer and find temp selector. I check against schematic inside dryer: should be, High> 10k ohms, Med = 6200 ohms, Low = 0 ohms. But low is > 10k ohms, also. I buy new temp switch, test good. But dishonerable dryer still dishonerably hot.

I take out operating (cycling) thermostat, and test with hair dryer. It switches off and on. I check thermostat heater, and it is good. I take out timer switch, test against confusing schematic. Seems good as well.

But dryer still dishonerably hot, EVEN IN FLUFF MODE. This engineer can read jet airplane schematics, and house wiring schematics, but Whirlpool has defeated me. I humbly seek guidance from the masters.