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 Posted: Tue Oct 21st, 2008 05:38 pm
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I have an elderly Maytag DE313 that has given me years of service. It has started pinching  clothes, smudging clothes and making unhappy noises. You would open the dryer door at the end of the cycle to find a piece of clothing pinched and hanging from the front top portion of the drum.

I opened it up to find piles of shavings in the FRONT of the dryer and the drum support bulkhead completely worn through.

What is the means of support for the drum in the front? The drum is a little wobbly - hence the worn through bulkhead - what supports the drum in front? I replaced the rear drum rollers two years ago and they are still in good shape.

Two part repair issue: Replace front drum support system? Replace drum support bulkhead? It is worth it?