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 Posted: Sun Jul 17th, 2005 05:54 pm
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Originaly posted this in the wrong place, so here it now:

My wife did the self clean thing, now we have the F1 code, as well as a locked oven door. After opening the back to gain access to the clock board, and removing the flat cable, power back on and I get the beeps and F1 code still. After reading here and elsewhere, I tend to think it's the temp sensor. But the oven door is locked! So, is there a trick to get it open so I can check the sensor?

BTW, this has been the best site I have visited regarding my problem. It will be even better if I can get the oven fixed because of this site.


Jenn-air range model JGR8855ADS


OKAY! It works! Here's what I did. I opened the door with a coat hangar (very quick and easy), the latch was at the top in the center and was locked to the right (facing the front of the door), and it was spring loaded.

Removed the temp sensor and took a ohm reading, 24k! So I replaced the sensor (a shop in town was open today, Sunday) and plugged in the power cord. Voila! The door latch slowly retracted and all is good.

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