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 Posted: Sun Oct 19th, 2008 08:15 pm
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Hello There,

I replaced the belt and the spring on my T700 dryer and it worked fine for a while Now the dryer became too noisy and drum is nor turning smoothly but makes a slight jump as it goes around. I openned the dryer and noticed that the belt is alredy worn a bit (after a few months), and drum wheels (rollers in the front) have their rubber part worn out. I am oredering replacement for them. My questions to the experts who already went thru all of this:

1) can the noise and non-smoth rolling as well as the untimely wearing of the belt be caused only by bad rollers, or I need to look for something else?

2) why our guru says that rollers are in the back, while I see them in the front?

Thank you for the answers and wisdom.