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 Posted: Tue Oct 14th, 2008 02:06 pm
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Hello Willie!  Thanks for you help, but we arent quite there yet.  Removing the agitator, the shaft was a little rusty, esp. near the top 'gear'.  Both bolts were intact, including the heads.  (I'm assuming the trunion is the clamping device that holds the shaft to the 'tubspinner'; #14-15 on the diagram.)

Now, what I did find to be odd was, when unbolting the 5 bolts holding the inner tub in (#13), and removing an awefully heavy inner tub, that there seems to be some fluid in the upper chamber of the tub (seems to be the portion pointed to as #12).  I dont know how it got there, but I'm guessing that is not right.  It seems there might be enough to throw it out of balance, and would explain how I was able to change the offset with some pushing around - if the water moved to another portion of the chamber, thus shifting the imbalance to another part of the tub. 

So, 1)should there be any fluid still in the inner tub upper lid/chamber
2) how should it come out?  if there is just a clogged hole, where?  if no hole, can I drill a few?

We do have hard water issues, so if there are small drain holes somewhere, a clog wouldnt surprise me.

Thanks again to both of you.