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 Posted: Tue Oct 14th, 2008 08:12 am
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One of the trunnion bolts has broken the head off, now the spin basket is loose and floppy on the transmission shaft, letting the basket contact and tear up the top splash guard, (not at all an uncommon problem on these junk "Frigidaire" built machines).

Remove the agitator and you will see the two bolts, (will probably look like one bolt is missing because the head will be broken off), at the top of the trunnion and the lock bar that the two bolts go into to lock the trunnion onto the tranmission shaft.

The smell was the plastic melting when the basket rubbed the splash guard, there is also a good chance the tub seal has been damaged.  If it hasn't been used too long this way you might get lucky and not have to replace the tub seal, but it would be a good idea to replace it while you have it apart, (the tub seal on these machines are another of there weak points that are seen to fail quite often).

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