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 Posted: Mon Oct 13th, 2008 04:40 pm
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The washer of my Kenmore Laundry center 417.94802301 began to offer the mating call of the Japanese horned swallow - a high pitched, pulsating squeal - while on the final rinse/spin cycle.  An invisible smoke accompanied the noise, perceptible only by mine highly trained nostrils.  Not quite an electrical smell- not quite rubber/belt. 

Upon opening the unit, I discovered that the top circular plastic ring of the outer tub had a large gash in the side of it.  That would fit the smell!  Further inspection revealed that the inner tub is significantly off center, allowing the inner and outer tubs to contact. 

I could find no signs of leaking oil or grease.  Aside from the dust, the unit was clean, save the plastic shavings from the gash.  There was some black soft substances in there too, but they seem much more like the eminations of my beloved mice than an industrial lubricant.

Why is my unit out of balance?  Does it need acupuncture to realign its energy flow?

Also, in the process of dissasembly, I removed the dryer unit.  My Geisha wishes to still be able to dry her clothes while I do the repairs.  Can the drier safely be used alone, if properly supported and vented?

Thine Humble Apprentice,