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 Posted: Thu Oct 9th, 2008 02:40 pm
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I finally heard water dripping in the food compartment from where the control assembly drain cup connects to the drain tube on the back wall.  I can only assume that it was plugged.  This time, I used a 14 gauge solid wire and poked it down about a foot or so.  I didn't feel any resistance that would indicate a plug but that must be it.  No I have not poured water (recently) down the drain hose to see if it is plugged further down the line.  I wanted to use a turkey baster (which I don't have).  I will see if my wire trick works. 

One of these days I will find someone who has a baster I can borrow. Don't want to buy one just for this purpose if I am never going to use it again.

It would be pretty sad if it was a plugged drain line after all and I've done everything else but...