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 Posted: Mon Oct 6th, 2008 12:21 am
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I had same problem on my Whirlpool top load direct drive. After reading several of the related links (repeatedly) and then making the donation of $5 to enable viewing the drawings and pictures, I dissassembled the machine's drive and found that the clutch was the only culpret. I suspect we overloaded the machine too many times and it slowly but unltimately spent the clutch pads, metal surfaces and probably weakened the clutch spring. The break assembly is probably a little weak than spec as I did not replace any of those parts, but it stops the new and improved spin pretty quickly. I had no gear oil present on the drive parts which was a good sign that the transmition was still ok. And I didn't tip the transmition over for very long while waiting for parts to arrive, which could have caused the gear oil to leak out of a super tiny vent hole on the top of the gear case. So I just purchased the $35 clutch assmebly only + $8 shipping (or there abouts) and received it in less than a week after ordered. After I installed it and the machine, it spins like a top during the spin cycles. It accelarates up to full speed so much more quickly; like night and day compared to using the spent clutch. Thank you Guru San's for the website forum. Back in the old days, before the internet, many of us would be either scrapping the machine for a several hundred dollar replacement or paying $90 per hour for a service tech to make it all better. $5 and a couple hours of research seems like a no-brainer plus it was a little adventure.

Thanks again!