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 Posted: Sun Apr 17th, 2005 07:34 pm
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Mad Mac,

Thanks for the exploded view.  The wall (item#26) connects to the bottom rack (#17)and also holds a smaller rack outside the ice area.  Inside the ice area, I have 2 shelves (#27) and the bottom wire rack the wall is connected to.  Item #30 is a 'door' that covers the front of the ice area.  I have 4 cube trays that I keep on the shelves and then there is the cube hopper (#35) which sits on the rack.  Under the rack (outside the ice area) is where we have traditionally kept the ice cream. 

I only spell this all out because I wasn't sure what you meant when you were refering to the area designed for storage of the cubes. 

The ice cream is still soft, both under the ice area as spelled out above and on the bottom level opposite side.  The freezer compartment is not loaded much so I am not concerned about poor airflow causing this issue.  It also seems like it is always on now, too.