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 Posted: Sun Sep 28th, 2008 10:09 pm
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Okay, so what is Poppy Salamugundi?  We used to have a favorite resturant in San Fransico called Salamugundi which served only great soups, salads and bread.


Was successful in getting to the filter when I finally figured out that there is a simple

locking mechanisim on top of the arm (about 2" diameter with an attachment which keeps the arm down even though the plastic nut is removed) .


Filter didn't look that bad.  It didn't have the hard "calcium" deposits I remembered from the past replacement, but the there was a sticky coating on part of the filter that was rubber like with some fibers.  We're (my wife and I) are now thinking we've got a bad box of dish washing detergent and we'll have to try a new brand.

Ran it after replacing the filter and the glasses still come out very cloudy.

Peter Wahl