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 Posted: Sat Sep 13th, 2008 08:58 am
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Everything seems fine now. I do not have huge differences top to bottom drawer like I had before. Now there is typically a 10 degree difference on average. Talked with Sub Zero, they mentioned to measure food temp, not air temp over 24 hr's (use a glass of water). Food temps should average out over a week.

So - the cold control was definitely not always working based on behavior of the fan operation (see thread above). But - the fridge fan on this model as opposed to earlier version is not constant run (with door closed). Frankly I don't like it and want the air mixed all the time. I like the temperatures to be averaged out always not over time.

So I modified the wiring back to the previous models where the fridge fan is always on with the door closed as seen on the first schematic. Simply used and in line insulated tap from the hot side of the light switch to the hot side of the fan switch. Even temps throughout now and drinks are always cold and none of the occasional condensation on the bottles.

I'm still wondering if the recharge due to the diagnosed "slow freon leak" will last longer than the 6 months suggested by the repair person. We'll see. In the meantime I'll be looking at the possibility of replacing the coil and dryer at some point in the future. There was no icing of the coil on the left anymore when I pulled things apart to replace the cold switch, so all seems good for now.

Thanks for the help.

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