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 Posted: Wed Sep 10th, 2008 03:11 pm
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Well Willie, with everything I've done and tried, my fridge is still pooling water in the bottom of the food compartment.  At this point I am suspecting the frost buildup in the air diffuser that blows cold air from the freezer to the food compartment.  I think that during the auto defrost cycle, the ice melts and drips directly into the food compartment and no amount of putty I put out there will help. The odd thing about it is that I had placed a small plastic food container underneath the cold air diffuser in the food compartment and it stays dry.  Yes I have checked the door seals and using my paper test, the door seals seems tight all around.  I also don't leave the fridge door open for a long time (unless I forget to close the door - which happens occasionally but rarely.

So, no clogged drain, no water wicking from the freezer drain cup (ferrule) to the air diffuser since I put the putty, tight door seals, new longer ferrule, that's about as much trouble shooting as I can do.  Maybe my wife pours water on the bottom of the food compartment every week just drive me crazy.