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 Posted: Wed Sep 10th, 2008 02:07 pm
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Playing with the fan a bit today. Stopped working again, taps on the cold control didn't work but held the door switch in and turned the control dial and heard a click, the fan started and continues to run. Just got back with a cold control, so I will be replacing that. Only $50, so not too bad. Thinking back I remember weird cases where we would find condensation at times on contents and the bottom drawers freezing. I think this cold control was breaking down or acting up intermittently for a couple years. I am beginning to wonder if the loss of freon is really secondary as this unit is 16 years old, and the bigger issue was the cold control going bad keeping the fridge fan from running at times.

Guess we'll see. I'll replace the cold control tonight. Best I can tell is that the fridge fan should run full time, but is just fed through the cold control. If anyone knows how the fan is controlled other than always on, it would be good to know.

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