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 Posted: Tue Sep 9th, 2008 04:39 pm
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Ok - so I completed the fridge fan replacement today. As I woke up this morning the fan was not working.  Tried replacing the fan switch and NG - left the new switch in.

Removed shelving and drawers noticed this ice on the bottom right corner. I am assuming this is from condensation collecting due to intermittant fan operation and poor air circulation.

Pulled top and back panels out and found that the condensor was ice free. So looks like the freon is holding still and the leak is actually slow as the repairman said. I will be confirming there is no warranty and will probably continue on this thread and site to see what my alternatives are in doing some of this work myself. I may purchase the parts ahead of time and be ready (know how) to replace if the box starts getting warm. I am thinking that I could do the parts replacements (dryer and condensor) myself or see if I can locate the leak and repair it. I am wondering if it is possible to rent the appropriate gauge set and tools to discharge and recharge, etc. But I digress. Defrost tube and drain were free, also good news. Note heater kit I installed a few years ago.

Here's the new fan assembly on the right. As expected assembly was required based on make and model. All new parts including gromets, connectors, etc except for the fan blade which was re-used. BTW - the old fan started working once the box cooled down (before removal). I am assuming there was a problem with windings or something in the original motor where once cold contraction was causing intermittan open circuit problem. Everything back together and working now. We'll see if it continues to work once temps get back down below 40 degrees.

So now time to start looking into the bigger bill that's down the road a few months and if I can do some or all of the work myself. I'll keep fingers crossed that this fridge fan issue is  resolved.

Thanks for the support!