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 Posted: Mon Sep 8th, 2008 01:21 pm
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Hello, I have Sub 550 SN MD64139. Based on when I remember buying (1994?) I may be out of luck as far as warranty.

Refrigerator box was warm, couldn't stay lower than about 60deg or so with temp control all the way up. Took them days to get to me. While waiting I did pull apart to find the left side ice buildup on the left side mentioned. For reference - I do have the heater kit installed from earlier defrost tube problems mentioned up thread.

Anyway I defrosted with the heat gun and reassembled. NG. Servicer says slow freon leak, recharged - will last for about 6 months. $1800 to replace dryer, condenser and temp control.

Sounding like I don't have much of an alternative? They were not overcharging on parts in the quote, but seemed to be an exorbitant amount to evacuate and recharge. But hey - what do I know about pricing. Probably a fair price given the whole package.

Currently the fridge is keeping things cold but I noticed that I have a significant difference in temps top to bottom in the fridge box. Had to set the temp control between 4/5 (which seems great) to keep things from freezing in the bottom drawers. I'd had 50 degrees or so at the top and 30 degrees in the drawer at this setting. I checked the fan in the fridge and it was not operating when I held the switch closed. Swapped the wiring between the light switch and the fan switch, still ng.

Took things apart today to set up to replace the fan and it started working. So I have it reassembled now and the fan runs with the door closed and always operates for now with the door open and the switch closed.

Should this in cabinet fan always run with the door closed? I seem to remember it should to circulate air in the fridge box and keep temps even?