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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 04:17 am
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This is well worth the $5 to sign up!  Not only informative but entertaining too!

My Amana SXD23VW had this very problem this morning.  I was pleased to see on this forum that I wasn't going crazy when I said that the water dispenser problem seemed to correspond to the temperature problem.

So, being whatever is lower than a grasshopper, I called a repair guy.  On many levels he seemed good: 

1) Answered phone at 8:30am. 
2) Gave me a 1 hour window and showed up within it.
3) Diagnosed the problem just as you described here within 5 minutes.
4) Had the part on hand and did the repair well within an hour. 
5) Charge $125 plus parts--seems to be the going rate..might even be a bit under market here in Northern Calif. 


1) It has now been 10 hours and my freezer is still at 55+ degrees at the top....frozen at the bottom.  Frig is still 60 at the top, cooler at the bottom.  The water dispenser works sometimes, sometimes not.  Fan (of some sort) runs most of the time, but not constantly.
2) The repair guy charged me $202 for the part that is available here for $29.75.  Quite frankly, I would have been fine with this (and indeed ignorant of the markup) if the repair appeared to have worked. 
3) He had no explanation for why the water dispenser didn't work and suggested I replace the water filter.


1) What could be the problem now?  I'll give the thing overnight to cool some more but plan to call the guy back if there's no improvement. 

2) Is a 600% mark-up for a part typical?