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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 10:54 pm
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Keinokuorma wrote:

Don't remember where I read this, but some fire extinguishing gas mixture was designed to lower the O2 content of air down to some 11%... barely enough for human life for a short while, but non-catalyzed burning of most carbon compounds would require 16%... correct me if you find correct percentages somewhere.

(Bows deeply) Please pardon my intrusion, Great Masters. I believe I may be able to offer some small bit of enlightenment on this subject.

These are the halon extinguishers. Humans can survive in a halon atmosphere long enough to exit a building, but not much more. They were initially designed as a stop gap type system to be installed in older movie, and theater houses, with inadiquate exits to bring them up to modern day building, and safety codes. Fortunatly they were never approved for that reason. They are however installed in many museums, art galleries, libraries, and other buildings that house important documents. Were it not for the halon systems the documents would be destroyed by the water, or even the Co2 units in use prior to halon.

Hope this helps.

Humbly offered to those who would accept my paltry tidbits of wisdom.

Apprentice"Smitty" (bows deeply)

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