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 Posted: Tue Aug 26th, 2008 08:37 am
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dazedandconfused wrote:
Well, after monitoring this excellent site for a number of months, I feel like I am starting to get real close to the ultimate solution to my 'water dripping and accumulating' problem with my refrigerator (Frigidaire - Canadian Model TD173CRD3/S.N. 881017123). Over that length of time, I have perused many websites, contacted Frigidaire directly and pondered this problem at length but I still have water dripping down the back of my fridge and under the crispers.

(don't know who made the Kenmore fridge under discussion but mine is about twice its age, 20 years). Hopefully, somebody out there can 'drill in' on this problem for me, offer clear directions on how to solve it (I'm a pretty handy guy) and we can all get onto something else that is much more fun. TIA

Just because your problem is similair doesn't mean it's the same thing.  If you Frigidaire is 20 years old then the defrost drain is different then what is being discussed here.

You need to start a new discussion not hijack threads that are ongoing helping someone else, thanks......

Yours being a Canadian model I can't find any info, but from you saying it's a least 20 years old, I can almost garantee you the problem is a plugged up defrost drain cup, (they can start growing some pretty nasty gookus after that long).

And very easy to take care of if your unit is what I suspect it is.  Look on the very back wall of the refrigerator section, just below the roof of the refrig behind the air diffuser/air duct.  You should see a little plastic white cup plugged into the back wall of the refrigerator.

Carefully with two flat blade screw drivers or putty knife, pry each side of cup out of back wall of refrigerator and clean all the nasty gookus buildup out and your problem should be solved.

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