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 Posted: Mon Aug 25th, 2008 05:46 pm
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Well, after monitoring this excellent site for a number of months, I feel like I am starting to get real close to the ultimate solution to my 'water dripping and accumulating' problem with my refrigerator (Frigidaire - Canadian Model TD173CRD3/S.N. 881017123). Over that length of time, I have perused many websites, contacted Frigidaire directly and pondered this problem at length but I still have water dripping down the back of my fridge and under the crispers.

The problem first occurred about 4 years ago and I did the logical and easy thing and pulled out the fridge and cleaned out the drain hose (it wasn't all that dirty except at the very end where it connects to the drain pan at kind of a nipple). That worked for about 2 years when, all of a sudden, the problem returned (or so I thought). I figured that the tube has just 'gummed' up again and so, once again, I pulled out the fridge. However, this time, the drain hose was not even clogged at the bottom and the pan was almost empty of water. Thinking that the plug must be somewhere in the connector coming out the back of the fridge just below the freezer compartment, I took a piece of copper wire and twisted it around in there and in and out. After giving it a good 'go' (but not really seeing any gunk on the wire), I reconnected the drain hose and pushed the fridge back into place. Unfortunately, this time, the problem did not go away.

Subsequently, I started 'Googling' but came up with no definite solution to my specific problem. Finally, after much searching, I came across the following promising statement on the website:

"IMPORTANT: IF water is dripping onto the top shelf or running down the back of the refrigerator and collecting underneath the crispers --- SCHEDULE A SERVICE CALL. This condition requires a new part to be installed to correct the moisture problem."

Aha, I thought, all I need to do is call the Frigidaire Customer Service number and they will tell me what part it is I need to buy to solve this vexing problem. WRONG! They insisted on holding me to their recommendation - SCHEDULE A SERVICE CALL. Even after repeated 'dancing around', they said that, in spite of what it says about a new part in their recommendation, they couldn't tell me what that part was - only an appliance service person could do that. GRRRR! Being a logical person, I was/am assuming that they know darn well which part it is and just want to 'Cover Their Arses' (and cost me about $65 in the process). Since then, I have also verified that the water is coming out of the drain cup in the top back of the refrigerator and flowing down the back of the fridge where it then accumulates under the crispers.

So, here I am today - still got water under the crispers (about 4-5 cups after 3-4 days, depending on the outside temperature/humidity). This thread is getting awful close to my problem (don't know who made the Kenmore fridge under discussion but mine is about twice its age, 20 years). Hopefully, somebody out there can 'drill in' on this problem for me, offer clear directions on how to solve it (I'm a pretty handy guy) and we can all get onto something else that is much more fun. TIA