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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2008 03:29 pm
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Sorry Willie.

I did look at the service page you posted a while back. I just did not recognize what that was or where it was in my fridge. Now that I am reading it again, it does say it is the foam block in the food compartment control box.  I guess it didn't register with me the last time. I ended up guessing where to put the putty (in the freezer compartment) and I guessed wrong.

I have now put plumbers putty around the foam block (see picture).  I did check to see that all of the door gaskets were tight (putting paper in between the gasket and door and trying to pull out the paper when door is closed). I did this test all around.  The gasket is tight.

I will assume that putty around the control box foam block would not prevent water from getting into the food compartment IF the ice in the air channel in the freezer compartment that frosts over melts.  Finally, other than leaving the door fridge and freezer door open while I am doing my repairs, the fridge door doesn't stay open any longer than it takes for us to put food in or pull things out.

I will check in a couple of days if I am still getting water in the food compartment.

Thanks again for all of your assistance and instructions.

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