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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2008 09:39 am
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Did you read or look at those service pages I included????

I see where it looks like you put the plumbers putty on top, (in freezer area between air diffuser channel and defrost drain hole), where did you get the idea that was where to put the putty?????

Again read those instructions and put the putty in the correct place, (on the control housing between the air diffuser outlet and the rear half which is the defrost drain cup area).  You have to remove the four 1/4" screws two in back, two in front.  Then the control housing will drop down and you can unplug the molex connector and remove the complete control panel/air diffuser/defrost drain cup assembly and do the correct procedure.

Have you checked your door gaskets, it looks like from your one picture the air tower, (the part the fan blows the cold air down, that has the freezer control knob), is all full of ice, usually the only way this gets all plugged with ice like that is a door gasket leak letting too much warm air in or door gets left open, which turns into frosty ice.  If that air tower is full of ice and it melts, of coarse water is going to come into the refrigerator.

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