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 Posted: Fri Aug 22nd, 2008 08:03 pm
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Well, I decided to use plumbers putty to form a barrier between the edge of the ferrule and the air diffuser hole (see pictures).  I placed it under the aluminum flashing.  Guess what?  I am still getting water on the bottom fridge cabinet.

So, here are all of the things I've tried since I started this post months ago:
  • Poured hot water on the drain hole. No water backed up. No sound of "glug glug" to indicate that there was any blockage to begin with.
  • Bought new longer ferrule and replaced old ferrule.
  • Put plumbers putty in between drain hole and air diffuser hole.
So far, none of these suggested solution has worked to eliminate water accumulating on the bottom of the fridge cabinet.

Are there any other ideas I can try without resorting to calling for service?  I can continue to sponge up the water every couple of days but that gets a bit old. 

Let me know.

P.S. I tried to stick a 14 guage electrical wire down the back of the drain hole but it stops at a flat bottom. I don't think the drain hose is directly underneath but rather off at a right angle so there is no way for me to confirm any blockage other than water does not back up when I pour water in the drain hole.

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