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 Posted: Sat Aug 2nd, 2008 06:07 pm
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Staber washer report after over two years.

This thing rocks.  All the good stuff they say about reliability seem to be true.
Family of 5 with lots of laundry.   We use 4000 gallons of water a month, which is a lot less than without it.   Clothes cleaned well and no washer damage.

What sucks?  There is a rubber waist gasket at the top where you load in the clothes.  The back side of it gets slimy, even if you leave the lid open.  It is easy, if messy to clean with 409 cleaner.

The front panel used to be a bitch to get on.  It has bent into shape.

Worst thing that happened?  Polyester underwear was thrown carelessly in and slipped in-between the revolving drum and the outer drum.   It got stuck in the pump.  Some water overflowed.  My wife had unplugged the water-stop leak protection on the valves, which would have detected it, by accident.    Solution?  Pop front panel.  Unhook intake hose from drum to pump.  Remove undies.  Reconnect.

Also, I also had to remove coins that got stuck in the pump, as well, one time.

I still don't like the cheesy plastic top, but, oh well.

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