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 Posted: Thu Jul 31st, 2008 10:24 am
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Thanks -- I did order a replacement control board from RepairClinic.  If things aren't cool within a day or two of install, I'll certainly consider returning the board.

What I'm really worried about (if somewhat ignorant) is that the control board failure is due to some other undiagnosed component problem, and that the new control board (at $175) is going to conk out again in the near future.

I guess at this point, if I can eke another two years out of this washer/drier set, I'll happily pass them along to whoever buys this home from us, and make a better purchase decision at the time.  (i.e., those bastards at Maytag and Lowe's are not going to see ONE RED CENT of my washer budget.)

Having perused the site, I'm quite taken with the Staber washer, and wonder whether there's some hidden disappointment lurking there.  After years of grousing about over-complicated consumer appliances and electronics, here's someone who's building appliances designed for sustainability (in all senses of the word.)  Color me impressed.

Now to convince the wife this is a reasonable investment (she is the sticker-shock type) and sort out how to squeeze one of those bad boys into our miniature-sized laundry room.  There's a reason we bought a cheap pair of stackers in the first place...