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 Posted: Wed Jul 30th, 2008 06:44 pm
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In the past week, our Maytag MAH2400AWW stopped making forward progress.  Basically, the wash cycle seemed not to progress.  The display typically shows the number of minutes remaining in the cycle.  Left to it's own devices, the machine seemed to keep doing things (pumping in water, draining, tumbling a bit) but the timer, which usually starts at 55 minutes, had only counted down to about "38" after three hours.  The thing seemed to be trying to do its job, but it was clear that it never managed to spin the motor up past a low tumble.

After several repeated attempts to run washes, the thing finally failed once with a diagnostic code: 3E (Motor Failure).  After clearing the diagnostic code, we were unable to reproduce the diagnostic code, but the washer continued to exhibit the same behavior.

Busting out my trusty ohm-meter, I pulled the motor connector (at the control board) and checked the impedances as indicated in the manual.  There are three measurements to check:

ROTOR pair: 2 ohms (checked out at ~2.05 Ohms)
STATOR pair 1: 1 ohm (checkout out at ~0.99 Ohms)
STATOR pair 2: 1 ohm (measured ~0.45 Ohms; I decided this was a failure)

I also pulled the motor completely and verified these measurements from the cable harness on the motor itself.

Purchased a replacement motor, which just arrived today.  Tested the impedances on the new motor, all check out to spec within .05 ohms.

Installed the new motor.  Same behavior as before.

I just put the machine into service mode and ran the "Simple Spin Test" which is supposed to ramp up through a series of motor speeds.  Seems to fail (though the failure mode is not documented in the manual) at the lowest spin test speed, 90rpm.  Motor slowly starts to spin up, then the machine gives up within a few seconds.  While the motor is briefly spinning, random collections of digits appear on the front panel display.  After it stops, all the leds commence blinking together, until I power the thing down.

I sense this is a broken control board thing:

- Do I have recourse to Maytag for a control board that is only 18 months old (!)

- Is this known behavior-- by replacing the control board, do I risk having to do so again, because some other component is creating the problem?

- Is there some secret source for these control boards where I can get one for less than $175?  (Added to the cost of the replacement motor, we're getting close to buying a new machine.)

- Are there some secret diagnostic behaviors that I'm missing out on? (Only have the "Technical Information" brochure, DC68-02028A, P/N 16023431)

- Is this machine a known problem?