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 Posted: Mon Jul 21st, 2008 12:07 am
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Newbie grasshopper here.  Feeling like a Thermador alien. 

OK, here's a twist on the Thermador door conversation.  I inherited a PRG304US. Arrived with the door off.  Read these posts and the manual before attempting re-entry - er, reattaching the door.

One hinge latch released pronto and the other did not!  I guess I didn't have that angle exactly right!  So now one latch is released and hinge is working, while the other is still in latch locked position.  :shock:  Now I can't take the door off or get it fully on (get the locked latch to release).

Can I "just" release that latch?  I say "just" because I understand, and can see, that there is a lot of pressure on that latch.  I will probably get some help but wondering if I am on the right planet.

Thanks in advance, appliantologists.