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 Posted: Sat Jul 12th, 2008 03:40 pm
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Fingers crossed but its looking, and more importantly, "sounding", great!!!  The directions were wonderful - thank you SO much - and yes, the screen behind the blade was full of crud.  It turned very easily when I was done and when I put everything back and pressed start,  presto!!  water everywhere!!  And it's back to its normal sound level.

Talk about crud.  I am a slob in the kitchen.  I snapped off the water feed tube along the back and the top shower type head was even more jammed up than I thought.   I've got to start at least wiping these dishes!!

I found a rusty old loose screw under the soil separator??? Even more interesting was something found loose under the chopper blade cover.  It looks like a milk cap but it is the same color grey of the other parts.  On the back is a number: 51263 03.  I'm pretty sure it goes somewhere but I couldn't see a logical place.

So I'll write again when the cycle is done and report on how clean the dishes turn out. 

Thanks again for the help and encouragement.