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 Posted: Sun Jul 6th, 2008 06:40 pm
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Trying to help

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Take a look at your schematic an your P5 connector.   You will see you have a common down to your switch and a Locked, and Un-Locked.  The board is monitoring the location of the switch at all times.  It it fails to see the correct signal back, it will run for a while trying to find it, then just stop wherever it is and not allow any functions.  Accessing the fault codes should show all these stored faults.  You could have a bad switch, loose connection or bad board.  You will have to ohm it out to be certain, or jump Common to Un-Locked and see if the unit programs.  If it does, you know the switch was bad (jumping it and having it work would rule out the harness and the board because you are forcing the signal through).  Grab yourself a meter and one of those clear bottle Millers and get snappin!! 

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