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 Posted: Sun Jul 6th, 2008 08:43 am
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I thought I was pretty flippin' smart, finding this topic on this website with exactly the solution to my problem.

Unfortunately, there were still parts I could screw up, and I have.

I got the hose off, flooded my garage (could have used a little more warning to be prepared for that, by the way), and could not find an obstruction in either the hose or the pump. I hooked it back up, and viola, it drained, then spun it's heart out and I rescued the load of laundry and put it in the dryer.

I had one towel to "catch" the water (HA!), and it was a mess, so I tossed it in and thought I'd find out how my newly fixed washer worked. I was busy cleaning up the mess, blow-drying the indoor-outdor carpet, etc., when I noticed to my dismay that I hadn't seen the washer spin yet. Sure enough, I looked and it was in the final spin cycle, but it was just flopping around, and hadn't drained.

I'm smart enough that I left the cover off of the machine, but I'm not that fired up about going back in without a little more idea of what I'm looking for.

Should I have taken off the boot instead? Will I have the same water issue if I do that?

This is a fridgidare Gallery circa 1999, model # FWT449GFS2

Thanks for getting me this far and please get me the rest of the way!

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