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 Posted: Fri Jul 4th, 2008 12:58 pm
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Jenn Air Wall Oven (Double) Model Number:  JJW9830DDP

This is a three year old problem after a bad lightning storm!   My lower oven will not do anything except turn on the light when the door is open.  Any control relating just to the lower oven yields a "beep" beep" sound when pushed on. 

Since I have the upper oven and it works 100% in all functions...I have ignored fixing it.  There was a bad electrical storm in summer of 2005 and many neighbors had problems immediately after that.  My lower oven was the only problem I suffered but I didn't realize it for 2-3 months, as I rarely use it.   I only mention this because I have ASSUMED it was the storm that caused it....maybe it's just be a coincidence.

Thanks for your help!

JP Mose

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JP Mose