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 Posted: Sun Jun 29th, 2008 06:48 am
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These units usually don't plug up where you are looking, unless you have a defrost problem which plugs all drains and vents with ice.

Notice how big that opening is out of the freezer???  It goes straight down into the drain cup that is built into the back part of the control consule.

The control consule can be removed by taking the 4 screws, (2 in front, 2 in back), out and dropping it down and unplugging the plug, then you will see the place where the water really drains too and also make sure the smaller 3/8" outlet tube isn't plugged with gookus.

These units have another problem that will cause water to accumulate under the crisper drawers and can be easily fixed with a little permagum or a longer defrost drain funnel.

The original service bulletin fix was to put a strip of permagum across the divider wall between the drain cup and styrofoam air diffuser in the control panel which works fine then they came out with this service bulletin and part to fix the problem, (I couldn't find the original bulletin that explained the permagum fix better and with pictures).

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