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 Posted: Sun Jun 29th, 2008 12:05 am
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My Kitchenaid dishwasher which is probably 8 years old can't seem to get the dishes clean!!   What ???? My previous kitchenaid DW lasted 24 years.  Yes, sigh, I have read all the threads and now understand the double meaning of the little ole Energy Star logo.
Model number is KUDI01TJBL0.  It fills to the appropriate level -- just under the element.  It drains perfectly.  The wash arms do not have any clogged holes.  The bottom wash arm turns slowly, only about 1 revolution per minute.  The top wash arm does not turn. Water does come out of the feeder spout mounted at the back of the washer (this is the part that fits into the upper wash arm when the top shelf is in place) but not all the time.  It only seems to flow during the rinse cycle.  The soap dispense pops open at the appropriate time.  But the soap doesn't dissolve.  The drying cycle seems OK. 
  The obvious problem seems to be the top wash arm which doesn't turn.  I took the shelf outside and tested the arm with the hose.  Still couldn't get it to turn.  Then, thought I had really found something when discovered the round thingy that seemed broken.  Wrong.  That's the way is should be according to a picture I found on a parts list.  And, when I use the hose to fill the arm connected to the wash arm not only does it not turn, but the water kind of leaks out of the location just under the center of the arm.  That can't be right.  Am I missing some kind of gasket???  Tried a small rubber band -- the kind they use to hold fresh broccoli together but that didn't work.  Buying a whole new arm would be pretty easy but I'm not sure it would solve the problem.
The other thing that bothers me has to do with the noise its not making.  It was always pretty quiet but now it seems too quiet.   I understand there are two motors, one that runs the wash/rinse cycles and one that drains the unit.  Is that right?  The draining part is working just fine.  Drains quickly and completely. 
Oddly, this all started happening a few weeks ago after we had a bad storm with an incredible amount of lightening.  Truly remarkable.  My neighbor who has lived here all of his 88 years says he can't remember a storm that bad in a long time.  The lights did do a weird on and off thing before going out completely.  Is it possible the motor that runs the washing part was partially damaged in a surge of some kind?  No, I do not own tool that measures electrical energy.  I do have a fence tester!  Not the same thing, huh.  Probably don't know what I'm talking about. 
Oh, I also have hard water.  Ran it with the half full glass of vinegar and it looks great inside. 
What's that little shower head thing on the ceiling of the washer???   I assume water is supposed to come out of this?  Mine had paper labels coming out of it.  When I discovered this at the very beginning of this adventure I smugly thought the machine just had a minor clog that would be easily fixed.  Well it's nice and clean now but no water is getting up there. 
The control board seems to work well.  I've been testing it on the normal cycle.  Maybe I should run it in the heavy cycle and see if anything is different.  Nope, tried that.  Same results as before.
Its probably dead, right?  Dear fiance tells me that if he find me sitting in front of it again in the middle of the night wondering about installing a new motor he will rip it out and put it on the curb. 
Gosh I'm just full of questions.  If you managed to read this far -- thanks!!

Heck with the milk.  There is a Smithwicks in the frig...


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